Offer Bluebirds' Favorite Foods

It would be hard to find anything as dazzling as a bluebird in the early morning sun. Their brilliant blue plumage, social nature and cheerful song add a little joy to any backyard they visit. Once on the decline, more and more people are successful at attracting bluebirds. A great way to entice them (and a variety of other songbirds) is by offering some of their favorite foods like our Nesting SuperBlend®, Bark Butter® products and mealworms.

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Bring the Happiness of Bluebirds to Your Yard with the Food They Love!

Bark Butter Bits, Mealworms, Sunflower Seed and more! Our newest blend delivers everything bluebirds love!

Bluebird Bugberry Blend

Our Nesting SuperBlend has the nutrients nesting birds need! Also available as a cylinder.

Nesting SuperBlend

Early or not, your bluebirds will get these worms!

WBU Dried Mealworms


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